Smile! Marketing Campaign
Metrolink / TfGM

As part of a service redesign for Metrolink, Manchester's tram service, the requirement to have a photocard to purchase a weekly ticket was removed.

'Smile!' was a marketing campaign designed to promote this new, easier way of buying a season ticket. Featuring jovial images of people engaged in the painful process of getting their passport photo taken, this humorous approach was a success with passengers.

Campaign materials included leaflets in the style of passport photo strips which were left on tram seats, a clever tram window graphic in which the passengers became part of the advert, ticket machine graphics, online banner adverts and outdoor 48 and 6-sheet poster sites.

The results of the overall service redesign and marketing campaign were impressive. TfGM reported an 85% increase and a 155% increase in the average number of weekly sales of one-day and seven-day travelcards respectively.

Designed at Hemisphere, Manchester

Gold – Service Design
DBA Design Effectiveness Awards


6-sheet Tram Stop Poster
48-sheet Outdoor Poster
Ticket Machine Graphic