The Milipwts Den – Family Exhibition Space
Wales Millenium Centre

The Wales Millenium Centre is an iconic building and performance arts venue in Cardiff. With a lack of family-friendly activities in the centre, the WMC wanted to create a space to engage and educate children up to the age of 8.

Working with an animation studio, four characters inspired by the materials used in the building of the WMC and the cultural activities at the centre, were developed and brought to life into fully-rendered 3D form. Dyfi, Ponti, Ogi and Lecsi, also known as 'The Milipwts' (a Welsh term of endearment meaning 'little ones') were born.

The space designated for The Milipwts Den was then transformed, with an area specially designed for each character featuring fun, interactive and educational games for children and parents to engage with, from Dancing with Lecsi to Dyfi's Dressing-up Box, Ogi's Word Game and Ponti's 'Meet the Orchestra'. There is even a secret tunnel which allows little ones to explore behind-the-scenes! 

All graphics were designed with bi-lingual copy to cater for both Welsh and English visitors.

On opening, the Milipwts Den was an immediate success, with visitor usage and family engagement way above previous levels. 

Designed at Hemisphere, Manchester

3D Plan – Click to enlarge...