Branding and Packaging Design
Cuckoo Gin


The Singleton's, a family of farmers from the village of Brindle in Lancashire, approached me to work with them in creating the brand for their new distillery and their exciting first product – a sustainably handcrafted gin.

Following discussions with the family and in-depth research of the market, competition, audience and the history of the local area, the brand name and story was developed.

From the research I discovered a charming local tale from the middle ages about a cuckoo found in a local field and to this day, anyone born and bred in Brindle is known as a ‘Brindle Cuckoo’. As a perfect reflection of the family's local family roots and farming heritage, the name 'Cuckoo Gin' was the perfect fit.

Working closely with the family I developed a visual identity for Cuckoo Gin, including the important task of designing a bottle with a premium look and feel that stands out on the shelves of bars and shops, in the very competitive and ever-growing market of craft gins and spirits.

The design concept for the bottle features a cuckoo silhouette on a copper foil label in the shape of the sun, to represent the tradition that the first cuckoo is a sign that spring is on its way. The bottle is coloured with a bright blue to clear gradient tint to depict the sky. To complete the scene, a screen-printed silhouette illustration by local artist, Dorothy Charnley, wraps around the bottom of the bottle, giving the effect that the bottle and it's ingredients have grown in the fields at Holmes Farm.

The bottle (and it's contents) have been extremely well received in the first few weeks since launch, coming first place at it's first gin festival and creating a stir on social media, while Booths supermarkets are now stocking Cuckoo Gin in all of it's stores across the North West.




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